About us

It’s all About Dollar General is a well-known American retailer offering a wide range of products at affordable prices in all its stores. The company places great importance on its employees. It provides a platform for them to learn new skills and develop their talents through award-winning training programs and promotional activities.

One platform is the DGme portal, accessible to all current Dollar General employees. This portal lets employees access their business accounts online from any internet-connected device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

By logging into their DGme employee account, Dollar General employees can easily access information, including their working hours, W2, benefits, and important announcements. Additionally, the portal allows employees to view their scheduled tasks and payroll information, making it easier to manage their workload and track their earnings.

The employee portal is also a valuable resource for those new to Dollar General. Once an employee joins the workforce, they will receive an employee ID that they can use to access the portal. If an employee is unfamiliar with web portals, they can follow the procedures outlined in the doorway to register and use the platform successfully.

The DGme portal is an excellent tool for current and new Dollar General employees. It streamlines many essential aspects of the job and provides employees with easy access to critical information and resources.