The DGME registration typically involves creating an account on the Dollar General Employee portal, DGME.

This process is usually straightforward and designed to grant Dollar General employees access to work-related information, schedules, benefits, etc.

Here’s a general overview of the steps involved in the DGME registration process:

DGME Registration
  • Eligibility Check: Ensure you are a Dollar General employee, as the DGME portal is exclusive to company staff.
  • Obtain Employee ID: You will need your Dollar General Employee ID, which your manager or HR department usually provides.
  • Visit DGME Portal or App: Access the DGME portal through its website or download the app if available.
  • Find the Registration Section: Look for a link or button that says “Register,” “Create Account,” or something similar.
  • Enter Personal Information: Fill in the required fields, such as your name, Employee ID, Social Security Number (SSN), and date of birth.
  • Create Login Credentials: Choose a username and password. These will be your credentials for accessing the DGME portal.
  • Set Up Security Questions: Often, you’ll be asked to set up security questions and answers. These are important for account recovery in case you forget your login details.
  • Complete the Registration: Follow the portal’s additional instructions and complete the registration process.
  • Confirmation: After completing the registration, you should receive a confirmation on-screen or via email.
  • First Login: Use your newly created credentials to access the DGME portal and your employee account.